Snubbed sibling

Posted: December 10, 2015 in books


It’s hard when you live in a big family. You may feel that your other siblings receive more attention than you. Perhaps you’re the oldest and feel a tinge of jealousy for the amount of time and attention the younger ones receive from your parents. As a mother of seven I have to say that it is hard to divide your attention evenly. Some, especially the younger children do require more attention but it doesn’t mean the others are loved any less. Even when your children are all grown and flown the nest the feeling of being snubbed can continue. They find that you’ve called one of their other siblings more than you, or you’ve been to visit the others and not them. I really hope my children don’t grow to be like this, you are, after all one person and as much as you’d like to, can’t be everywhere at once 😀


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