Book review


When Taylor Sparks moves from New York City to Big Bear Lake, California, her life is forever changed when she meets a hot guy with winter-blue eyes named Jesse. Their attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable. But sadly, things aren’t adding up. Taylor wonders what her ‘crush’ is hiding. When her new friend, Fred tells her his suspicions about Jesse being a paranormal creature, Taylor laughs. But when Fred turns up dead, she believes every warning he ever told her.

Taylor is shocked to learn that Big Bear Lake isn’t just glittering lakes, towering pines, and breathtaking mountains…there’s more…way more than meets the eye.

Will Taylor dive into a paranormal world she knows nothing about? To be with the one her heart can’t live without?

This book didn’t agree with me. I admit that Jessie didn’t turn out to be what I expected but I found the whole thing quite bizarre. The acceptance of certain situations were taken with no questions asked, I mean, if something doesn’t add up I’m going to question it not continue on as if it didn’t happen. The ending I found to be unbelievable and too cheesy for my liking. I really hate leaving bad reviews but I put this book down four times, if not for my obsession with not leaving a book unfinished, I never would have completed it.

I give this book


And I really love the cover 😀

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