When your child becomes a stranger to you


It’s hard when your child becomes a stranger to you. Their personality takes a 360 and the words that come out of their mouth, leave you stunned. You’ve no idea where all the bitterness and hate has come from, not so long ago they were eager to be in your company, laughing and joking without a care in the world. Their spite filled comments cut you to the core and yet you can’t turn off the love you feel for them. You can hate what they have become, even try to convince yourself that you’re better off without them but as each day passes, you die a little bit more inside. You yearn for the days when they looked up at you in adoration, you’ll even settle for the moody mornings when you’re dragging them out of bed for school. But this, this is heartbreak and there is no way to turn back the clock, all you can do is hope that they see the light and abandon the dreadful path they have chosen and return to your loving arms before it’s too late.

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