Zombie nation


What is it with the zombie obsession we all seem to have? We have programmes like the walking dead, fear the walking dead. Not forgetting the big screen and video games and of course books. Don’t get me wrong I love a good zombie flick and I’m a walking dead devote. I guess my attraction is to see whose going to survive, or die if I really don’t like the character 😀 It has always been either vampires or werewolves, but then their attraction was usually because the characters were drop dead gorgeous. (Excuse the pun) Zombies, not so much. There is nothing desirable about a groaning, guts dripping guy, with chunks of flesh hanging from their exposed bones. However, a few books have taken the leap. I did attempt to read one once. I can’t remember the title but I really couldn’t get into it. In love with a zombie? Not my thing. Still, as a nation we have gone zombie mad,but I’m guessing you’re not as eager to meet one, as much as you would have been if a hunky vampire was on offer 😀

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