Are people born evil?


Are people really born evil? This is a widely spoken topic, usually discussed in crime related documentaries. I suppose we will never really know whether they actually are. As a child you learn as you grow and obviously your environment plays a big part in what kind of person you develop into. Things you see, the way your family act and interact with each other, are all major factors in your growth. Some like to blame certain behaviour on TV, or video games. If you are taught right from wrong, fact from fiction then surely it wouldn’t affect you. I suppose you could say the same for mental health, depression etc. Are we born with it, or is it down to your surroundings while you grow? The mind is an amazing thing, and something that we will never truly have all the answers to. We all hold our own opinions. Do I believe people are born evil? I guess I’m undecided, something has caused them to be that way but what, I don’t know.


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