Restaurant nightmare


I don’t go out to dine much but it was my sons 18th so we thought we’d take him to Chinatown for a meal. We decided on an all you can eat buffet. I had read some reviews saying that the food was good, I think maybe they were talking about somewhere else. I don’t expect too much for £10.95 but I do expect better than that. The place itself wasn’t clean at all. There was a large patch of black mould growing in one corner, and the floor and tables hadn’t been cleaned. We were only supplied with a fork and spoon, with no where to obtain any other cutlery. Only one napkin was given, and it was hard work to get another. The staff were rude, they stood in a line watching the diners and seemed very impatient since they constantly came over to your table trying to take your plate.

imageThere wasn’t a lot of food variety, and nothing was replaced with fresh food in the time I was there. The food itself was cold, most of it was over cooked and the chicken wings were undercooked. It was like they just dipped it in the fryer for a second and served it. To top it all off, they even had the cheek to add a service charge to the bill. What service? You serve yourself! I think it’s fair to say I won’t be returning or recommending this establishment. I wouldn’t even give it a one star review.

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