The hardest thing about being a parent


For me,the hardest part of parenting is when your child is upset and there is nothing you can do about it except tell them you love them and offer a shoulder to cry on. What I’m finding hard to deal with at the moment is when their spouse upsets them. We all argue with our other half’s but when it’s your child, it is a tricky situation. They want you to hate them in that moment, and you do because your baby is upset. You join in with the verbal onslaught (plot their demise in your head) but then they make up. This part is the hardest because now that everything is rosy you’re expected to love their other half and not say a bad word against them despite the last few days of watching your child in tears and suffering. It is an extremely difficult situation, especially now that you’ve seen another side of them. The trust is gone and the bad points stick in your mind, brewing and turning to hatred, but for the sake of your child you have to bite your tongue.

Anyone else been through this? How do you deal with it?

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