Earn cash online


There are various opportunities to earn cash online but the decent ones are hard to find. For the last few weeks I have been scouring the Internet for online work. Freelance work which includes copy typing, data entry etc is only suitable for those of you with experience and qualifications so that ruled me out. The other opportunities are product testers (which I signed up for but have yet to hear from a legitimate site) and surveys. You can join sites that offer surveys plus other opportunities like task work. The site I joined has a twenty pound minimum cash out and that goal is hard to reach unless you sign up to various promotions. These include things you wouldn’t normally be interested in and they flood your email, harass your phone line and if you download their tracking software, freeze up your computer. I use an old laptop, I don’t want my brand new one to constantly crash and freeze which is exactly what the one I’m using has been doing since I installed the software.

The problem with these sites is that most of the time you’re screened out of the surveys and you spend most of the day on the ones you can get into, just to earn £1. The surveys can be pointless and mind-numbing. There is an opportunity to earn through their search bar but this has rules as to what sites earn money, for example if you wanted to check out your Facebook, it doesn’t earn you anything. I have managed to almost reach the cash out minimum which took me a week with special offers that I will delete before the trials expire as well as the software. Is it really worth doing in my opinion? I would have to say no. Without those offers and just doing surveys (payout usually between 28-50p) it would take me forever to reach the minimum cash out. However if you have all day to waste then go ahead and sign up but personally I could think of better things to do with my time 😀

Should any product testing work become available however, I would definitely enjoy doing that. Has anyone else signed up to online work? Was it successful for you or a nightmare? Drop me a line with your experiences, I’d love to hear them 😀

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