Lessons I’ve learned in life


Lessons I’ve learned in life:

You can only truly rely on yourself. Even people with the best intentions will fail you at some point.

Goals are reachable if you’re determined enough but may not be the outcome you were hoping for.

At least several times in life you will be blamed for something that you haven’t done.

Don’t be naive. They may appear genuine and trustworthy and tug on your heartstrings but the results could be completely devastating.

It doesn’t matter how much you love a person even if you’ve raised them, they are fully capable of crushing your heart and disregarding any loyalty in favour of another.

Be weary of what you say, it can and will be used against you.

Never give yourself fully, once you’ve been hurt, you won’t be  the same person you used to be.

Selfishness is in all of us.

Some people don’t understand what you’re going through and those that do, aren’t nessecarily a shoulder to cry on. Remember, they have their own issues, loading yours onto them isn’t necessarily relating, they may just run for the hills.

Everyone has a limit. Helping others is natural and often rewarding but could very well be your own downfall.

Some have an easy life, others are not so lucky. Make the best of what you can and ignore those who tell you to be grateful for what you’ve got. While it’s true, they don’t walk in your shoes, feel your pain or know how hard just getting out of bed can be for you each day. You are grateful, but sometimes it’s extremely hard to be when every way you turn leads to another path of despair.

Friends are not for life, people drift apart.

Solitude can often be a haven.

Accepting some things are out of your control.

People need to learn from their own mistakes even though you feel in your heart that they will suffer greatly.

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  1. So true. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. You’re welcome Sarah 😀

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