Establishments and lost property

Posted: May 19, 2016 in books


My daughter had a school trip to visit the British Museum the other day. Despite the warmer weather we’re having lately, the teacher insisted on bringing a coat. On her return from the trip she told me that she’d left her coat at the museum. It had been left in a locker that had been designated to her school for their trip. She wasn’t the only child to have done this and the teacher attempted to make contact with the museum. After two days of no response I rang them myself, explained the situation and was told no coats had been found on this day. If those lockers were named for that particular school, surely they would have been checked after their departure and the sign removed in preparation for the next school so where is the coat? It cost me £20 pound for that coat and while I know it doesn’t seem too expensive to others, it is to me. I appreciate that it was my child’s fault but if you expect me to believe that the lockers aren’t checked once the school has left then you’d be wrong. Obviously a member of staff has sticky fingers and the museum management should consider searching their lockers before they leave for the day. Now I’m left with having to buy another coat but good luck to whoever took it, I wrote her name all over the inside in permanent marker 😂


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