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False hope

Posted: June 24, 2016 in books


Agree with this quote? It’s hard when you watch someone suffering in a situation that you know is hopeless and only two options are available to you. Do you lie and make out everything will be okay to ease their suffering or do you rip the band aid off and give it to them straight. False hope in my opinion is only prolonging their suffering, yes it is heartbreaking to know that once you reveal the cold hard truth of the matter, they will completely fall apart but at least then, the long task of rebuilding can begin. They may hate you for it, possibly never speak to you again but in reality they would just be living a lie, a fantasy that is just that. No one wants to hurt those dear to them but sometimes in life it’s the only way to make them see sense.


Ignorance and disorders

Posted: June 23, 2016 in books


Many years ago, disorders such as Bipolar, Autism, and OCD were virtually unheard of, these days however they are extremely common. Though these are serious conditions, I do feel that doctors are often quick to slap a label on someone showing a few traits of what may be an actual disorder. I am talking from personal experience and the diagnosis was in fact completely wrong and something else entirely. What annoys me the most about these disorders is the ignorance that some people tend to display. Examples like, they are just seeking attention or being bratty, or just tell them to stop being stupid and snap out of it. If it were that easy I’m fairly sure they would have done that already rather than live their life in fear, not being able to control their moods, or having to perform an irrational set of tasks before they can even leave the house. I can’t speak for every sufferer but my own experience has taught me that there is nothing fun about living with these conditions, neither is it fun to watch your child suffering and feeling helpless to do anything about it. If it was as simple as grounding them or taking away their personal items to “snap them out of it” don’t you think I’d have done that already? I agree that years ago things were dealt with differently or even swept under the carpet but please try and keep an open mind rather than assume attention seeking is the diagnosis.


Posted: June 16, 2016 in books


Have you ever wanted to do something, yet can’t seem to complete the task? It could be starting that longed for book you’ve been after reading, or perhaps a film that you’ve been dying to watch. You have it all planned out. The day’s chores are completed and your schedule empty. You take the opportunity to settle down to what you’ve been yearning to do and bam! Just like that, the opportunity disapears. Your phone rings, or the door knocks, one of the kids need something, just about anything and everything crops up to ruin your sought after plans. It’s as though the universe is conspiring against you. Instead you say to yourself, “definitely tomorrow,” but again, obstacles appear out of nowhere. There never seems to be any “you” time no matter how hard you try and grasp it. Anyone else have this problem? Did you finally manage to get your moment?

Name memory loss

Posted: June 15, 2016 in books


I admit that I am terrible with remembering names. It’s like it disappears from my mind no sooner than we’ve been introduced. I can have several conversations with a person and spend the whole time wracking my brains, desperately trying to remember who they are. What’s worse is when I need to find them and attempt to describe what they look like in the hope that someone knows who they are. I even mix up my kids names though in my defence there are quite a few of them 😀 Why is this? It’s like names just don’t want to remain in my mind. Does anyone else suffer with the same problem or am I alone in this?

Idea overload

Posted: June 12, 2016 in books


Family problems, stress and not enough hours in the day have stood in the way of my writing for far too long. I’ve let it all drag me down but now I’m back on track 😀 I had started a book, set out the framework and chapter outline but that’s not how I work. My writing has always been more go with the flow but because of everything going on around me, I thought if I planned it out then it would be easier. Wrong! It felt more like a chore and I wasn’t enjoying the story at all. Thankfully my ideas have begun to flow again. I’m planning a prequel for the Twisted Bloodlines series which I’d always intended to do and I have another book in mind that will include two of the characters from Twisted Bloodlines but won’t be linked to the rest of the cast or storyline. Release dates are way on the back burner but I’m very excited to see where both books take me 😀