Idea overload


Family problems, stress and not enough hours in the day have stood in the way of my writing for far too long. I’ve let it all drag me down but now I’m back on track 😀 I had started a book, set out the framework and chapter outline but that’s not how I work. My writing has always been more go with the flow but because of everything going on around me, I thought if I planned it out then it would be easier. Wrong! It felt more like a chore and I wasn’t enjoying the story at all. Thankfully my ideas have begun to flow again. I’m planning a prequel for the Twisted Bloodlines series which I’d always intended to do and I have another book in mind that will include two of the characters from Twisted Bloodlines but won’t be linked to the rest of the cast or storyline. Release dates are way on the back burner but I’m very excited to see where both books take me 😀

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