New fitness equipment


I just bought myself the ab dance abdominal excercise to add to my workout. I already use a cross trainer and rowing machine which are having an effect but I needed more core training. I was using a sit up machine but it wasn’t really doing anything and most of the core machines are extremely expensive. This one was on sale for £9.99 on eBay. I have read the reviews on both this and the ab wave machine and it was rather mixed. I haven’t really had the chance to put it to the test as I only got it today but I did have a little go and found it rather fun. The tension ropes do make it more difficult to use which and you do have the option to use it without. The legs fold in so it can slot quite nicely into a gap and lean against the wall so that is useful. I will update as and when I see the effects but on first impression I’m rather impressed and even more so with the price 😀


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