Recommended TV series

I’m not a big fan of TV but I do have a few series that I like to watch.

First it’s most likely half the populations favourite,


Eagerly awaiting the return in October 😀

Then there’s



Also waiting on these but in the mean time, two new series were released,



So there’s my must watch TV series, bit of a theme going on but all good viewing 😀


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  1. I loved Containment. Except when they killed off my favorite character, perhaps the character that made me want to keep watching. I still need to watch the last episode, but at this point, I’m glad it’s ending, because she’s dead.

    1. I think you must be ahead of me Sarah. Here we are only 5 episodes into the first season

      1. Oh, I’m sorry if I just spoiled the whole thing. 😧😧😧😩

      2. No you haven’t Sarah 😀 You have got me guessing though lol

      3. Yeah, that twist ruined it for me.

      4. I just found out that they aren’t even doing a second season. It’s always the way 😔

      5. Yep, they announced the cancelation before the end of the season. Maybe that was their ‘end’ scenario.

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