Car hunting

Posted: August 1, 2016 in books


Why is hunting for a new car so hard?!! I have the money, a vague idea of what I want and yet it is harder than finishing the last book in your favourite series. It seemed simple, hunt through the ads and find one you like but then there’s distance to take into consideration. I’m not about to travel millions of miles in case I don’t like it. I’ve also viewed a few that looked nothing like the pictures, and then been disappointed when I’ve arranged a viewing only to find that they had sold the car before I get there. The other thing I didn’t take into consideration was the insurance. I found a really nice car, in fact my dream car but when I called to check how much insurance would cost, let’s just say the car will have to remain just a dream. I have found a car which is a private sale, this is also something to take into consideration. Are they genuine? Am I about to get robbed for my money? I admit I’m a little nervous since I’ve only previously been to trade dealers, but this is the car I want, should it be as stated in the pictures so fingers crossed it will all go smoothly 😀


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