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Disneyland Paris

Posted: September 22, 2016 in books


During the the summer holidays we took the kids to Disneyland Paris. I’d been there before on a school trip many years ago and it seemed like a good place to go that didn’t involve an extremely long flight. We took the Eurostar which was fine but the problem was that when you have a two year old, even though they go for free, it isn’t a bonus. They don’t get their own seat so they have to sit on your lap for the journey which was roughly 2 hours. They also go for free at the hotel, which means they don’t get their own bed, plus they don’t even get their own plate for the hotel buffet, they have to eat off yours. I found this ridiculous but didn’t let it get us down and we chose to eat out instead, however the food was terrible. Most places just had burgers to offer, and they were disgusting. The other buffets offered weren’t much better either. Even McDonald’s was horrible. The parks themselves were good though extremely over priced as expected. The lines for the rides were quite short for peak season which was good, one of the ladies at the shop till told us it was because their visitors were really low due to the attacks. The armed guards at the bus station was also a little unnerving, yet at the same time reassuring. The hotel we stayed in was nice and not too far away from the parks.

would I recommend it? Yes I would but don’t expect much from the cuisine 😀



Manipulative people

Posted: September 19, 2016 in books


This is very true, and I have come across many manipulative people and also their victims. I really can’t understand why you would want to control another, or even turn them against their family and friends. What could a person possibly benefit from that? Surely in a relationship you would want your partner to be happy, rather than both of you living miserably together. I could never understand why someone would want to stay with a person like that, but after talking to a friend who had been in that situation, I kind of understand why they would be reluctant to leave. A manipulator is extremely clever at turning a situation around making you look the bad person, they use the guilt trip, tears and even lie when they see your strength returning. It’s difficult to turn your back on the one you love, even though you know it’s wrong. You can’t help but feel sympathy for them. There must be something really wrong in their life to behave the way they do. The hard thing is, the victims can’t break away. They want help but won’t ask for it, and when they are lucky enough to escape, some of the things they tell you are quite disturbing.