Nothing is ever really yours


In life, nothing is really yours. The house that you have can quite easily be taken if you fall into difficulty and can’t afford to pay the mortgage/rent. The same applies to your possessions should you fall on hardship, they also can be taken through repossession to pay off debt. Even your own children can be taken away from you. Many people have fallen victim to debt. Prices are constantly rising and for most, their outgoings exceed their incoming. It’s easy to say keep up your payments and then there won’t be a problem,but until you live on the poverty line you won’t understand just how hard it can be. The same applies for losing your children. Not all those people are bad parents, depression, spiteful people and dire circumstances play major factors in most cases. Anyone can fall victim to any one of these situations. You can’t even claim that your mind is your own, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and other mental health issues can easily take it from you.

A dim view of life,but sadly true for many people. I guess the moral of the story is,enjoy things while you can and don’t judge people for their losses until you’ve been there yourself. I’ve seen many programs and people who have suffered these things and had no other options available to them.

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