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These days its becoming increasingly difficult to find work especially for someone like me. I have been a mother and housewife for over twenty years and am desperate to find a job that is flexible enough to fit in with my children and lack of qualifications. The jobs that I have been looking for don’t involve being a brain surgeon but they might as well be. I’ve looked into working in child care but apparently I’m not qualified which is laughable considering that I have seven children one of which is Autistic and another that suffers from anxiety but since its not a formal qualification my actual experience isn’t good enough! Honestly, do you really consider someone that has sat in a classroom researching from a book more qualified than a person who has gone through every stage of childhood to their late teen years seven times over?

Then there’s the ever popular cleaning jobs. Twenty years of cleaning up after messy toddlers and lazy teens not forgetting the visiting grandchildren isn’t enough to qualify me to be able to clean someone else’s home, no, that has to be a formal qualification. I actually have two sepearate irons, one for the light clothes and the other for dark. My washing machine starts at 7am and continues until 8pm. Each day I follow the same routine starting with the upstairs, beds have to made in a certain way, towels folded in a particular style. Everything has to be neat and tidy, nothing on the floor especially clothes which will be put in the wash whether they are clean or not then I move onto downstairs. You will never find a sink full of dishes in my house even the dreaded left over cup. With so many people under one roof I spend most of the day cleaning, so again, I am more qualified than a college certificate.

Another favourite is a receptionist or call centre customer service agent. It’s not that I’m constantly on the phone talking to friends, it’s usually my kids calling for help and advice with one thing or another. They seem to think I have somehow qualified as a doctor and can give them the answers to their varying ailments or in one case, my grandchild’s ailment. Apparently I’m also a plumber, electrician and a car mechanic. In all of these situations I would be a fantastic receptionist or call centre agent. I can deal with it and have great patience and advise what I do know, and google what I don’t.

But seriously, my point is that most jobs aren’t accommodating for people like me. I need a chance to prove what I can do and not be told that I need a piece of paper to prove what I already am qualified in and have been for years. Flexible hours are also an issue especially when you have to do the school run. Most flexible jobs want you there from 8am to 4pm but that just isn’t possible when you have small children and no one else who can take/pick them up.

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