How to make a transparent background

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Having recently started making covers for my book I faced the struggle of removing the dreaded white box on Powerpoint when trying to merge two images. While most use Photoshop which can be expensive, I prefer to use Powerpoint and despite it having the handy remove background tool, I found that it didn’t always work after saving the image, and was left with a white border. I trailed the internet for free programmes but most were confusing and didn’t do the job and all the forums pointed to Powerpoint which removes the background on the program but not when you pull it up in, say for example: pictures. I happened across LunaPic and finally my luck was in. It takes away the background with ease so you are left with your desired cut out image, it also has some really cool features for your images and you can do all the other stuff like resize, blend etc so it’s well worth downloading here is the link:

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