Where fantasy worlds meet


Do you enjoy books that sometimes intertwine with others? Picture this, you’ve just finished a terrific series and now you’re suffering from character withdrawals, it happens, I’ve read many books and wished they were endless but unfortunately it has to end somewhere. With my books, I’ve picked out a few choice characters, my favourites actually, and extended their appearances into the others (I didn’t want them to end either 🙂 ).

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The Twisted Bloodlines series is dedicated to each character and tells their individual stories in each book, some of these characters can be found in Forever Dark, my two part series but the story is not actually part of Twisted Bloodlines.

51hpf1bidklThe king of darkness for kdp

Forever dark contains a select few characters from the Twisted Bloodlines series, and since book two isn’t out for release yet, you can follow your favourite characters over in my latest release Shadow Chasers.



There will be a part two for this book, and who knows what characters may turn up in that 🙂

So you see, it doesn’t have to be the end just because the series has finished. If you like it when fantasy worlds meet, check them out, available on Amazon, Smashwords and Draft2Digital. (All except the king of darkness)

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