I’m back :)

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It’s been a crazy few months trying to fit in my new job, kids and life in general. My writing and books have been put on the back burner, hence the flood of promotion on here lately but I am finding it tough. I’ve been going it alone as an indie author since my publisher stopped publishing and its hard work! My favourite platform for promotion was Google + and now that’s gone I’m struggling to get my books out there. It doesn’t help that they have moved places on Amazon and for some reason can be hard to find, it’s so frustrating! I haven’t done too well with KDP so I took them off and am using Draft2Digital which isn’t too bad but I’m still nowhere near where I used to be. Do any of you authors out there have any ideas? I’ve used the Facebook groups, and have quite a few followers on Instagram. I also use Linkedin, and I am a total twitter virgin! So that’s not going too well.

I’ve considered asking for reviewers, but since it has to be a verified purchase on Amazon that’s not really going to help. I’ve started a new novel but lack the motivation since my head is stuck in drawing attention to my books. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  1. Welcome back. Hope all is well. Keep on blogging.

    1. Thanks Tony 🙂

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