Not normal

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Lately people keep telling me I’m not normal. It’s said in jest but I do look at things differently than most people. Sometimes my mind wanders and even I have to ask myself “why are you thinking like that?” I overthink almost everything, even something as simple as watching a film has me questioning scenes and their relevance, rather than sitting back and enjoying it for what it is. Risk factors are the worst, for example I’m going on holiday soon and have even had some sleepless nights thinking about what could go wrong. The news doesn’t help, the summer holidays have been filled with people drowning in the sea, falling off balconies, going missing, the list is endless. In my life everything has to be justified. Do I really need that? I don’t follow fashion, I buy what I need and have no shame in shopping in unbranded stores. It really irks me when people insist on brand names, for the price you pay, you could get something more worthy of your money and it would last longer too.

I get called crazy because I’d rather decorate a house than sit in a pub somewhere or go sunbathing. I enjoy decorating and flat pack furniture, but I insist on doing it myself, I get greater satisfaction but apparently it is viewed as a man’s job which is the worst thing you can say to me. I have tiled a bathroom myself with no experience at all, rewired plugs, fixed electrical’s, the list goes on. I’m a strong independent woman who isn’t scared of trying new things, yet I can be overprotective of my children which is kind of a contradiction, but what can I say? I’m a complicated person.

I generally feel empathy for people even if they’re undeserving of it. I always try to see things from both sides, find reasoning behind their behaviour and justify it to an extent. No one really knows what’s going on in someones head regardless of what comes out of their mouth. We all have our troubles, some hide it better than others. But those around me are quite happy to judge and hold a grudge and can’t quite understand why I try to see the best in people.

So if I’m not normal, so be it.

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