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Posted: June 9, 2018 in books

Would you sacrifice the love of your life in order to save him? Camilla feels this is the only way to free the one she loves:


Secrets and lies

Posted: June 9, 2018 in books

Secrets and lies are incredibly destructive and Descendants of the curse is no exception. The village of Prymoor has secrets dating back centuries and even the very founding of the village is based on lies, as is Isla’s entire life:

via Trailer for Descendants Of The Curse

Here is the trailer for my book Descendants of the curse, enjoy 🙂

Forever Dark trailer

Posted: June 3, 2018 in books

I love making trailers for my books its a way of almost bringing them to life but is also a lot of work. Here is the Forever Dark trailer enjoy 🙂

New Forever Dark post

Posted: May 28, 2018 in books

Come on over and check out my new Forever Dark post and decide on who you think is the hottest 🙂


Posted: May 27, 2018 in books

I made a trailer for my books check it out 🙂

Online bingo fixed or not?

Posted: May 25, 2018 in books

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I recently tried my hand on a couple of online bingo sites and have to say that I was very disappointed. You’re given a bonus after initial deposit which is great but if you win on this bonus you can’t withdrawn from it. Now what I found on both of these sites, Wink bingo and Paddy power bingo, was that when using the bonus on scratch cards and slots, I was on a winning streak, however when the bonus ran out and I was using my own money, I couldn’t win again.

I did win a couple of times on the bingo but only a couple of small amounts and it was within a week of joining. After that, I didn’t win again and deposited quite a bit of money.

The other thing I found was that it seemed to be the same winners constantly and following the chat room, I would notice that the house winners never commented on their win and rarely did the chat room host. I mean, if I’d just won £400/600 pound, and some were even higher, I would fill up that chat room with a million happy face emoji, but it never happened.

Are they a fix? Quite possibly and I find it too coincidental that on both sites I won just after joining and never even came close again. I’d love to hear your opinions, especially if you won big and continue to win. Maybe you can restore my faith in it, but I have heard similar complaints from reviews that I have read on both sites.

Leave your comments below and share your view 🙂

What’s my purpose?

Posted: May 24, 2018 in books

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what your purpose in life is? Lately that is a big issue for me. Don’t get me wrong there are others far worse off than I am and I’m grateful for what I have, it just seems to be one struggle after another. Determination to succeed and all that sounds good and I do consider myself to be a determined person but cracks are slowly appearing. Is my purpose in life to see how much crap I can take until I snap? Because that’s how it feels right now and then what? Positive thinking, tried and tested, I even wake up and say “today is going to be lucky” and shock horror, it isn’t. I used to believe that fate set our paths but now I’m wondering what I did that was so wrong to leave me stuck in this rut! Am I jealous of all those wealthy people living the high life? Yeah of course but partying and buying a handbag that could feed a small country isn’t what I’m after, I’d just like to get through one day without stress.

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Having recently started making covers for my book I faced the struggle of removing the dreaded white box on Powerpoint when trying to merge two images. While most use Photoshop which can be expensive, I prefer to use Powerpoint and despite it having the handy remove background tool, I found that it didn’t always work after saving the image, and was left with a white border. I trailed the internet for free programmes but most were confusing and didn’t do the job and all the forums pointed to Powerpoint which removes the background on the program but not when you pull it up in, say for example: pictures. I happened across LunaPic and finally my luck was in. It takes away the background with ease so you are left with your desired cut out image, it also has some really cool features for your images and you can do all the other stuff like resize, blend etc so it’s well worth downloading here is the link: