Car hunting

Posted: August 1, 2016 in books


Why is hunting for a new car so hard?!! I have the money, a vague idea of what I want and yet it is harder than finishing the last book in your favourite series. It seemed simple, hunt through the ads and find one you like but then there’s distance to take into consideration. I’m not about to travel millions of miles in case I don’t like it. I’ve also viewed a few that looked nothing like the pictures, and then been disappointed when I’ve arranged a viewing only to find that they had sold the car before I get there. The other thing I didn’t take into consideration was the insurance. I found a really nice car, in fact my dream car but when I called to check how much insurance would cost, let’s just say the car will have to remain just a dream. I have found a car which is a private sale, this is also something to take into consideration. Are they genuine? Am I about to get robbed for my money? I admit I’m a little nervous since I’ve only previously been to trade dealers, but this is the car I want, should it be as stated in the pictures so fingers crossed it will all go smoothly 😀

Recommended TV series

Posted: July 21, 2016 in books

I’m not a big fan of TV but I do have a few series that I like to watch.

First it’s most likely half the populations favourite,


Eagerly awaiting the return in October 😀

Then there’s



Also waiting on these but in the mean time, two new series were released,



So there’s my must watch TV series, bit of a theme going on but all good viewing 😀


Living with antisocial people

Posted: July 21, 2016 in books


It’s hard when you live with people who aren’t particularly social. They like their own space and hate to be imposed upon which is fine, I’m not the most social person myself but when I have to get into the room to clean, then yeah, it becomes a problem. It’s not just limited to their own personal space either, breakfast can be a nightmare. I understand you want space to eat in peace and wake yourself up for the day, but I do need to get into the kitchen, there are other people in the house who also want their breakfast. It’s not just the sighs and huffs when you walk into the room that are offending, it’s also a little hurtful but hey, who said being a parent was easy 😀

Left unatended

Posted: July 20, 2016 in books

I was watching a segment on “Good Morning Britain,” which was discussing leaving your child home alone. The guest was arguing that leaving your child alone was a good way to learn independence. She openly admitted that she had left her child watching TV at the age of five to go to the shop which was just across the road. Her child is ten now and she said that she still on occasion leaves him home alone for a few hours when he doesn’t want to accompany her for dining out etc. The segment went on to discuss the fact that some parents can’t afford childcare and this was part of why children are left home alone. One of the hosts, Piers Morgan then went on to say that if you can’t afford childcare, you shouldn’t have children. I found his comment outrageous. Parents get accused of scrounging off the state for having children and not working, yet when they do manage to get a job but unfortunately a low paid one, people like him slam them for not being able to pay out most of their wages on childcare costs. Not all of us are lucky enough to land a high paid job and he even thought the age of ten was too young to be left alone. In my child’s primary school, they actually encourage year six children (10-11) to make their own way to school, and what of secondary school? Some parents with younger children have to get them to school, leaving their older sibling to make their own way to their secondary school. Are we supposed to be in two places at once or even hiring someone to take our 12 year old to school?

I admit that I would never leave young children home alone. I won’t even allow my ten year old to make her own way to school but even though I don’t like it, when they reach secondary school age they do have to make their own way to school especially now that the school day has been extended leaving them starting at the same time as my younger children. I made a point of putting them in a school close to home ( within walking distance) but I agree that at age 11/12 they do need to learn that little bit of independence. Would I leave them home alone overnight at that age? No, I wouldn’t, but traveling to and from school alone unfortunately is necessary though they are with an older sibling but where I’m from it is a common thing for children of that age to travel alone.

What are your views? Do you have a particular age that you think a child should be left home alone?

New fitness equipment

Posted: July 5, 2016 in books


I just bought myself the ab dance abdominal excercise to add to my workout. I already use a cross trainer and rowing machine which are having an effect but I needed more core training. I was using a sit up machine but it wasn’t really doing anything and most of the core machines are extremely expensive. This one was on sale for £9.99 on eBay. I have read the reviews on both this and the ab wave machine and it was rather mixed. I haven’t really had the chance to put it to the test as I only got it today but I did have a little go and found it rather fun. The tension ropes do make it more difficult to use which and you do have the option to use it without. The legs fold in so it can slot quite nicely into a gap and lean against the wall so that is useful. I will update as and when I see the effects but on first impression I’m rather impressed and even more so with the price 😀


False hope

Posted: June 24, 2016 in books


Agree with this quote? It’s hard when you watch someone suffering in a situation that you know is hopeless and only two options are available to you. Do you lie and make out everything will be okay to ease their suffering or do you rip the band aid off and give it to them straight. False hope in my opinion is only prolonging their suffering, yes it is heartbreaking to know that once you reveal the cold hard truth of the matter, they will completely fall apart but at least then, the long task of rebuilding can begin. They may hate you for it, possibly never speak to you again but in reality they would just be living a lie, a fantasy that is just that. No one wants to hurt those dear to them but sometimes in life it’s the only way to make them see sense.

Ignorance and disorders

Posted: June 23, 2016 in books


Many years ago, disorders such as Bipolar, Autism, and OCD were virtually unheard of, these days however they are extremely common. Though these are serious conditions, I do feel that doctors are often quick to slap a label on someone showing a few traits of what may be an actual disorder. I am talking from personal experience and the diagnosis was in fact completely wrong and something else entirely. What annoys me the most about these disorders is the ignorance that some people tend to display. Examples like, they are just seeking attention or being bratty, or just tell them to stop being stupid and snap out of it. If it were that easy I’m fairly sure they would have done that already rather than live their life in fear, not being able to control their moods, or having to perform an irrational set of tasks before they can even leave the house. I can’t speak for every sufferer but my own experience has taught me that there is nothing fun about living with these conditions, neither is it fun to watch your child suffering and feeling helpless to do anything about it. If it was as simple as grounding them or taking away their personal items to “snap them out of it” don’t you think I’d have done that already? I agree that years ago things were dealt with differently or even swept under the carpet but please try and keep an open mind rather than assume attention seeking is the diagnosis.