A bit of a mess

So I made another website for my books and it seems that it is somehow joined to this one! When I follow other blogs from that website, you all seem to come onto this one instead! Highly frustrating and I’ve no idea how to separate the two. It’s annoying because I’m trying to build a…


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I’m back :)

It’s been a crazy few months trying to fit in my new job, kids and life in general. My writing and books have been put on the back burner, hence the flood of promotion on here lately but I am finding it tough. I’ve been going it alone as an indie author since my publisher…

Book review

I give this book four stars. I found it an all round engaging read but I did feel a few parts were rushed and lacking in information. It touched on subjects briefly and swiftly moved on which left me with unanswered questions, though I know this is only the first book in the series. It…

Descendants of the Curse clip

And this is what happens when boredom chases a thrill, you raise the spirit of a dreamwalker and succumb to your deepest fears.

Shadow Chasers clip

The girls arrival causes havoc in town in more ways than one, but for Skylar, who is the total opposite of her sister’s promiscuous ways, she struggles with the attention of one guy in particular. Their trainwreck of a relationship will either doom the town into oblivion or save the people, and themselves.