Shadow chasers sequel

Linda Jackson

I’ve been asked by fans when the sequel to Shadow Chasers is due out, I don’t actually have a date yet as I’m currently working on another WIP at the moment. What I can tell you is that book two will be Alec’s story. As you know, Alec and Asher are Shadow Chasers and though Asher is swoon worthy and built like a WWF wrestler, Alec is just as hot. His cheeky nature had me chuckling throughout, and though he didn’t get the girl (yet his bed was always full of them) his story is far from finished. Alec has some tough things to deal with from where the book left off, and is haunted by his actions in Shadow Chasers. Will he return to the sinfully cheeky man he used to be? Or are we going to see a more serious and in-depth version of him as he joins…

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