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Hot water

Posted: October 31, 2012 in books



I would really like to know why i can withstand extremely hot water. I leave my baths looking like a lobster but cannot bear to sit in a warm one. Even my dish water is not far short of boiling leaving everyone else yelping when they attempt to wash up after themselves! I get why men would have trouble having a steaming hot bath for obvious reasons. I am in fact banned from running baths for the males in my household having on more than one occasion learned their lesson! I also hear that having hot baths can prevent you from getting pregnant. I have to disagree with that since i have six children myself, clearly it hasn’t affected my fertility! I would really like to know the answer to this!


Possessive male!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in books

Those of us who enjoy reading the likes of black dagger brotherhood and the dark hunters know that the guys are extremely possessive over their females. Now i know some of you would love to have one of these guys but would you really? I have a very possessive husband and it’s not that great! Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to know that he only has eyes for me but it can get a little smothering sometimes! Going out can be a nightmare, he spends the whole time watching me, and eye’s any males who approaches with suspicion.He sits with a constant arm around me the entire time, making sure everyone knows that i am his! I tease him constantly telling him all he needs is a club to bash me over the head with, so he can drag me back to our cave! It’s not just the males, he is the same if a female approaches! It doesn’t matter if she is simply asking for the time, he makes a point of telling her he is sitting with his wife. It’s always nice to feel loved and secure in a relationship but i am not a possession! And as i have pointed out to my husband many times, the only person who owns me is me! 

My new paperback covers!

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Cursed by water!!

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I seem to be cursed by water! When i lived in my first flat i had the roof leak for a week, i filled up a baby bath and several saucepans daily until it got fixed! I moved again only to have my kitchen sink overflow flooding out the people below because the stack was blocked. I then moved again and suffered severe condensation due to being overcrowded. The paint literally dripped down the walls and drops of water would fall from the ceilings! Eventually moved to where i am now thinking my troubles were over, now there is a leak in the roof above my girls room leaving the wallpaper peeling from the walls! Not only that, my car has joined in on the act. I have a puddle of water in the back of the car on the floor and have no idea where it is coming from!!

I am literally cursed when it comes to water!


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so with Halloween approaching and scary stories circulating i thought i would share my own little creepiness with you. When i came to view my house three years ago i was told that two men had actually hung themselves from the staircase, all the kids called it the haunted house. Since i’ve lived here i can honestly say i haven’t seen anything remotely scary, and have regularly walked around in the dark when getting up to my youngest. My teens on the other hand swear that they have. They don’t like to be left alone day or night and will go out until i come home even though we have an american bulldog which i’m sure would sense something! I was out late once with my husband and my two eldest were left at home while the others were at their nan’s. My eldest went out to see friends leaving my 14 year old indoors, i receive a text from my eldest saying my son swore he saw someone leaning over the banister. He ran out of the house leaving the front door open in search of his older sister! I didn’t find it funny at the time since he left my house open to any intruders (i’m sure the dog would have taken care of that) but looking back i would love to have seen it for myself! The kids are constantly saying they see shadows and hear people walking around when no one is in they clearly have a very over reactive imagination!!



Most kids would love to go to disneyland but my youngest girls are terrified! When they see adults dressed up as cartoon characters they freak out! when i went to hastings there was a life size spongebob and barney, and they actually ran into the road screaming! Once there was a dress up day in school and the teacher had to take off her wig because my youngest wouldn’t stop crying! There was an advert on the tv about dora visiting local schools and upon seeing that possibility my youngest had nightmares for a week convinced she was coming to her school! When they see adverts for disneyland i ask if they would like to go there and they shake their heads so that is one resort i won’t be visiting!! Kids can be strange sometimes!!!

why is yawning contagious?

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I’ve always wondered why yawning is contagious but i never would have guessed this:

New research suggests rather than being a precursor to sleep, the purpose of yawning is to cool the brain so it operates more efficiently and keeps you awake.

The brain cooling theory says that when we contagiously yawn we are participating in an ancient, hardwired ritual that evolved to help groups stay alert and detect danger.

It’s been suggested contagious yawning could be a result of an unconscious herding behaviour – a subtle way to communicate to those around us, similar to when flocks of birds take flight at the same time.

Another theory suggests contagious yawning might have helped early humans communicate their alertness levels and co-ordinate sleeping times.

Basically, if one decided it was time to sleep they would tell the others by yawning and they would do it in return to show they agreed.

Hmm interesting! bet this post made you yawn though!!!