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Establishments and lost property

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My daughter had a school trip to visit the British Museum the other day. Despite the warmer weather we’re having lately, the teacher insisted on bringing a coat. On her return from the trip she told me that she’d left her coat at the museum. It had been left in a locker that had been designated to her school for their trip. She wasn’t the only child to have done this and the teacher attempted to make contact with the museum. After two days of no response I rang them myself, explained the situation and was told no coats had been found on this day. If those lockers were named for that particular school, surely they would have been checked after their departure and the sign removed in preparation for the next school so where is the coat? It cost me £20 pound for that coat and while I know it doesn’t seem too expensive to others, it is to me. I appreciate that it was my child’s fault but if you expect me to believe that the lockers aren’t checked once the school has left then you’d be wrong. Obviously a member of staff has sticky fingers and the museum management should consider searching their lockers before they leave for the day. Now I’m left with having to buy another coat but good luck to whoever took it, I wrote her name all over the inside in permanent marker 😂


I had to post this because it really ticked me off. My two year old is just like most her age. Climbing things she shouldn’t, going too fast on her scooter, running around like a maniac, all normal toddler behaviour but she is extremely clumsy and accident prone. She fell face first outside the school gates the other day, bruised her forehead and tore her frenulum (small fold of skin in the upper lip). Her mouth bled loads but soon stopped. I rang the doctor but they said these things usually heal themselves and if I was worried I should visit the A&E department. She seemed fine and was eating okay so I decided to see how it was the next day. I did however have a little Google search and found that quite a few mum’s had the same thing happen, but were told that it was viewed as a sign of child abuse akin with a punch to the mouth and that they were scared to visit their GP. I disregarded this, I’d done nothing wrong and wanted to make sure that though seemingly okay, I wanted to be sure that it actually was.

The next day I noticed that my toddler had her head tilted to one side, when she turned around it was with her whole body rather than just turning her head. I headed straight to the hospital in concern. I saw the triage nurse first and explained that she’d had a fall and told her about the damage to her mouth. She took a quick look and was puzzled as to why her head was tilted. She then went on to ask whether there was any social worker or health visitor involvement. I told her there wasn’t and she said I had to wait for the doctor. The doctor asked the same questions, he appeared a little off and then declared that he needed her stripped to her nappy where he inspected every inch of her. By now I’m suspicious of his behaviour and the comments on google resurfaced. I’m pretty sure if I had beaten my child, I would not be taking her to the hospital. Angered and eager to find out what’s wrong with my baby, you can imagine my frustration when he tells me he doesn’t know why she’s tilting her head. He told me her mouth would heal itself and if I’m still concerned about her, return in a few more days.

This behaviour is not acceptable. Once the man decided I hadn’t abused my child, he clearly pegged me as a neurotic mother! Who wouldn’t be concerned that their two year old can’t straighten their head! She is also in pain with it but his advice, give painkillers regularly. No X-rays were done and only a half hearted suggestion of possibly sleeping funny, was given.

Honest opinion

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I am a couple of stone overweight and have been scouring the Internet for weight loss aids. I’m no good with diets and calorie counting, I have been excercising (I own a cross trainer , rowing machine and sit up equipment) but snacking has been an issue. I settled on Stripfast mainly because it was the cheapest I could find, but also because it has active weight loss ingredients. I was on Slimfast for months but with no effect and it is only a meal replacement substitute. I’ve been using Stripfast for just over a week and have lost 5lb and that is without excercising since I haven’t had the time. It does also take willpower to avoid those tempting snacks, the shakes do fill you up for a while but I think it’s because of my dinner routine which can on occasion be quite late in the day.

I purchased mine on eBay for £20. It comes in a 907g tub but the powder reaches to about the top of the label if not a little bit under so don’t expect it to be full to the top. I’ve only tried two of the flavours and I mix mine with water. The strawberry one is the best, and from the reviews I’ve read, other users tend to agree with that. The vanilla flavour is tolerable but not one that I would buy again. I’m not sure whether it is the quickest or most effective product on the market but I will keep you posted after a month to give a better example. Of course everyone is different but I thought I’d share my journey, it’s always nice to have an honest opinion to give you a better idea of what may work for you 😀

Lessons I’ve learned in life

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Lessons I’ve learned in life:

You can only truly rely on yourself. Even people with the best intentions will fail you at some point.

Goals are reachable if you’re determined enough but may not be the outcome you were hoping for.

At least several times in life you will be blamed for something that you haven’t done.

Don’t be naive. They may appear genuine and trustworthy and tug on your heartstrings but the results could be completely devastating.

It doesn’t matter how much you love a person even if you’ve raised them, they are fully capable of crushing your heart and disregarding any loyalty in favour of another.

Be weary of what you say, it can and will be used against you.

Never give yourself fully, once you’ve been hurt, you won’t be  the same person you used to be.

Selfishness is in all of us.

Some people don’t understand what you’re going through and those that do, aren’t nessecarily a shoulder to cry on. Remember, they have their own issues, loading yours onto them isn’t necessarily relating, they may just run for the hills.

Everyone has a limit. Helping others is natural and often rewarding but could very well be your own downfall.

Some have an easy life, others are not so lucky. Make the best of what you can and ignore those who tell you to be grateful for what you’ve got. While it’s true, they don’t walk in your shoes, feel your pain or know how hard just getting out of bed can be for you each day. You are grateful, but sometimes it’s extremely hard to be when every way you turn leads to another path of despair.

Friends are not for life, people drift apart.

Solitude can often be a haven.

Accepting some things are out of your control.

People need to learn from their own mistakes even though you feel in your heart that they will suffer greatly.

Can’t seem to catch a break

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Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t catch a break? It’s more like months for me. The year started with promise and rapidly declined from there. One challenge after another and certainly no indication of improvement. They say bad luck comes in three’s but I’ve already reached double figures, but hey, what can you do? Suck it up and crawl my way through it I suppose. Is anyone else out there having a bad start to the year? What are your coping mechanism?


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When you withdraw into yourself it’s like living in a bubble. You can see and hear all that is going on around you, yet you’re not part of it at all. Friends, family reach out to you but it’s difficult to respond. Your self-defense shields have shuttered upon you and solitude is all that is desired. It’s not intentional, you don’t want to be in this place but you have reached a point where you simply cannot take any more. Every turn taken chips away at you. At this moment, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there will be. Time is needed to sift through the stack of issues surrounding you. It’s as though you can’t go backwards and are prevented from moving forward, you’re stuck in limbo, waiting for that one opportunity, a window of strength to pick yourself up and break through the temporary binds that are cradling you at this moment in time. You are strong, you know you are, but right now, despite the grim outlook, it’s a resting period. Recharge your batteries, pick one small obstacle as a starting point and work your way up to the top. It can be done, believe in yourself. You will probably end up back in that bubble a thousand times more, the same detached feeling, the same heavy heart of despair but only you can help yourself.

How do I know this? Because I’m there now, but I will pop that bubble, I’ve done it a thousand times before.