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I’m always getting tagged in those share a few lines of your WIP posts on Facebook but always decline. The same goes for excerpts. I will only share those if the book has already been published. Call me paranoid but those few lines are mine and I don’t want anyone else using them as their own. A WIP is what it is, sharing unpublished work is an open invitation for someone to steal a part of your hard work. Most wouldn’t do it but there’s always someone struggling for inspiration and you’re giving them a prime opportunity and I’m fairly sure those words and excerpts that you share, are probably one of the best parts in your WIP. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but there is always pirating going on and I don’t intend to make it easy for them. What do you authors think? Share or not share?

Restaurant nightmare

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I don’t go out to dine much but it was my sons 18th so we thought we’d take him to Chinatown for a meal. We decided on an all you can eat buffet. I had read some reviews saying that the food was good, I think maybe they were talking about somewhere else. I don’t expect too much for £10.95 but I do expect better than that. The place itself wasn’t clean at all. There was a large patch of black mould growing in one corner, and the floor and tables hadn’t been cleaned. We were only supplied with a fork and spoon, with no where to obtain any other cutlery. Only one napkin was given, and it was hard work to get another. The staff were rude, they stood in a line watching the diners and seemed very impatient since they constantly came over to your table trying to take your plate.

imageThere wasn’t a lot of food variety, and nothing was replaced with fresh food in the time I was there. The food itself was cold, most of it was over cooked and the chicken wings were undercooked. It was like they just dipped it in the fryer for a second and served it. To top it all off, they even had the cheek to add a service charge to the bill. What service? You serve yourself! I think it’s fair to say I won’t be returning or recommending this establishment. I wouldn’t even give it a one star review.

A little inspiration

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Very true, but you can guard your heart, however doing so comes at a price.

Are people born evil?

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Are people really born evil? This is a widely spoken topic, usually discussed in crime related documentaries. I suppose we will never really know whether they actually are. As a child you learn as you grow and obviously your environment plays a big part in what kind of person you develop into. Things you see, the way your family act and interact with each other, are all major factors in your growth. Some like to blame certain behaviour on TV, or video games. If you are taught right from wrong, fact from fiction then surely it wouldn’t affect you. I suppose you could say the same for mental health, depression etc. Are we born with it, or is it down to your surroundings while you grow? The mind is an amazing thing, and something that we will never truly have all the answers to. We all hold our own opinions. Do I believe people are born evil? I guess I’m undecided, something has caused them to be that way but what, I don’t know.

What do you believe in?

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I may have mentioned this before but I was talking about it the other day, and feel the need to mention it. I’m often asked what I believe in and while I’m not entirely sure, I would have to say that I believe things happen for a reason. Fate. My life hasn’t been an easy one, but then whose is? I’ve faced many struggles, heartbreak, things that I never thought I’d come back from. Even now, I’m facing more heartbreak and uncertainty. Will I pray for assistance? No. I have no faith that I follow, nothing has ever given me a reason to believe that a simple prayer will help me in anyway. I know many people believe that there is a god. Obviously we got here somehow, and I don’t want to get into a debate about whether he exists or not. If that’s what you wish to believe then you do that but for me, I struggle with the notion.

One thing that I have learned through my struggles is to become a stronger person, less sensitive and more guarded with my emotions. It’s not a good thing for the people around me, they were used to my affectionate side, but it is the only way I can cope with what’s going on around me. If I give in, I will fall apart and that really doesn’t help matters either. To distance yourself is kind of a coping mechanism, the downfall to this newfound strength is that people see you as an offload for their problems and emotional baggage, but I continue to take what’s thrown my way and keep it at arms length. If my life is one major mission to see how much crap I can take before I fall, then bring it on. I don’t know whatever fate lies ahead for me, or even if there is a purpose for these tests of sanity sent my way, but I guess one day I’m going to find out whether it has all been for nothing. Do you believe in fate?

Zombie nation

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What is it with the zombie obsession we all seem to have? We have programmes like the walking dead, fear the walking dead. Not forgetting the big screen and video games and of course books. Don’t get me wrong I love a good zombie flick and I’m a walking dead devote. I guess my attraction is to see whose going to survive, or die if I really don’t like the character 😀 It has always been either vampires or werewolves, but then their attraction was usually because the characters were drop dead gorgeous. (Excuse the pun) Zombies, not so much. There is nothing desirable about a groaning, guts dripping guy, with chunks of flesh hanging from their exposed bones. However, a few books have taken the leap. I did attempt to read one once. I can’t remember the title but I really couldn’t get into it. In love with a zombie? Not my thing. Still, as a nation we have gone zombie mad,but I’m guessing you’re not as eager to meet one, as much as you would have been if a hunky vampire was on offer 😀

Considering having children?

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I am at a point in my life, where if someone were to ask me my advice on whether they should have kids, the answer would be no. Don’t get me wrong, I have seven kids myself and I love them unconditionally but it’s hard. When they’re young, they are all cute and cuddly. It makes you feel loved that they are so dependant on you, and then bam! Suddenly you’re the most hated person on the planet. Your cute little baby who always wanted hugs can no longer bear to be in the same room as you, or if you’re like me, the same house. Nothing you do is good enough, their friends parents are cooler than you. They want to live with them now, they hate your house and everyone in it. The helpful, polite child you raised has now become foul mouthed and ungrateful as hell. It doesn’t matter that you bend over backwards to make them happy, they no longer care. All they are waiting for is that day when they can legally get away from you and they’re gone.

Obviously not everyone is unfortunate enough to have kids that behave in this way, but in my experience it happens a lot! So here’s my advice, make sure you’re emotionally stable, strong, and not too sensitive because being a parent is the biggest challenge and test of patience you will ever face.